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EternalArts HLP
by Marek Dyba / August 26, 2016

Urządzenia wielofunkcyjne są dziś niemal standardem. Ale takich połączeń jak w przypadku testowanego urządzenia, nie ma aż tak wielu. EternalArts HLP to bowiem wzmacniacz słuchawkowy i pełnowartościowy przedwzmacniacz liniowy w jednym. Żeby było ciekawiej to urządzenie OTL (output transformer less, czyli lampowe, ale bez transformatorów wyjściowych).

Albedo Monolith loom
by Dawid Grzyb / August 25, 2016

Polish Albedo manufacture is known for several things. Audio cables from different price ranges is the most apparent. But silver as the core material used in production process comes in as second. There’s a peculiar opinion in the web about input of this very metal in such products, though supposedly Albedo loom sounds differently. A contact with manufacturer directly was established and two Albedo Monolith models delivered to my doorstep was the outcome. Enjoy.

Divaldi AMP-01
by Dawid Grzyb / August 16, 2016

Polish Mediam company is known for big scale live events organization on a professional and complex level. Laser effects and other things of this sort happen as well. But a while ago a new brand under Mediam wings emerged. It’s know as Divaldi and its AMP-01 headphone amplifier model stirred Polish market a bit. Now it’s high time to bring said device to global attention. Enjoy.

Totaldac d1-integral-headphone
by Dawid Grzyb / July 28, 2016

Vincent Brient is the man behind Totaldac – a French company known for unique d/a converters. Its devices have a very specific topology and are said to sound very good. When an opportunity to review one of Vincent’s machines revealed itself, the decision to make it happen was made in a heartbeat. What courier delivered was a d1-integral-headphone. This is said gent’s streamer, d/a converter and a headphone amplifier all together in a one box. Enjoy.

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